From helping someone learn how to walk again to giving them relief from severe arthritis, every single day in the life of a physical therapist can be greatly challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

Who is a physical therapist?

Physical therapy is a great career choice, especially if you are interested in helping empower people to engage more positively in their own health and healing. As for physical therapists, the majority of patients they receive are mostly suffering from some sort of painful health condition that limits their mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks effectively. They not only help these people regain back physical functions and mobility, but they also work tirelessly to support their patients in adopting a better lifestyle and therefore, improved quality of life.

Common Procedure

When a patient first arrives, physical therapists, overview their medical history, diagnose and evaluate their current physical condition and symptoms, and use all this information to design a therapy and rehabilitation plan that is perfectly tailored to the patients specific needs and requirements.

During the entire treatment process, the physical therapist works closely with the patient to teach them various physical exercises and functional tasks that are intended towards strengthening muscles as well as carefully alleviating pain.

Responsibilities of physical therapists

A physical therapist has a set of clearly defined responsibilities. These include consultation with patients in order to learn their medical background and current condition, diagnosis of movement dysfunction and designing treatment plans to remove it, helping patients learn therapeutic exercise techniques, promoting healing by providing massages or simulation, assisting patients to help learn how to use necessary equipment like wheelchairs or walkers, keeping track of the patients’ goals progress, maintaining the patients record and giving advice on in-home treatment options and procedures.

Where do physical therapists work?

Physical therapists all work together to form a healthcare team that helps patients suffering from both acute and chronic physical conditions. They can either work at a nursing facility, a hospital, or rehab facility or even provide in-home treatment services, whichever the patient requires.

Educational influence

Physical therapists also help in allowing people to learn more about their bodies. Your physical therapist is fully specialized and well versed in educating people about how the injury occurred its effects on other parts of the body, and the healing process. They allow the patients to better understand the condition, thus the patients can make more informed everyday decisions and life choices that speed up the rehabilitation process.


To sum up, physical therapists are healthcare experts that are specialized in all painful conditions of the human body and how to deal with them. They diagnose and treat people of all ages, ranging from new-borns to extremely old patients. Physical therapists can have a profound effect on the lives of their patients. They prove vital in allowing people to recover from horrible illnesses or traumas and carefully steer them back towards a healthier life. If you’re looking for a physical therapist near you, Physical Therapy Saddle Brook is the best option for you.

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