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Occupational Therapy at Town Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy treatment includes improving the patient’s posture, range of movement, muscle strength and endurance. Occupational therapists train patients to use compensatory strategies to do daily tasks more easily or to substitute one movement with another.
We here at Town Physical Therapy Centre offer specialized training in hand therapy, after all our expert physical therapists understand that the health of your hands are vital to everyday function. No matter what you are planning on doing with your day be it something as routine as a shower or as vigorous as a trip to the gym your hands will inevitably play a vital role. Occupational therapists evaluate the ability of patients to perform tasks necessary to function independently at work, school, home or in social settings. Often times, this means evaluating the ability to perform household tasks.

Being able to safely and efficiently complete tasks necessary for everyday life is relevant to most patients who have an injury or illness. Occupational therapy (OT) involves a number of treatment strategies including:

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Fractures
  • Nerve and tendon injuries
  • Tendonitis

Our therapists, assistants and other therapeutic personnel are here to be the best source of information regarding your rehabilitation to help you enjoy your independence. Our team is designed to treat all residents with the highest level of care, whether it’s a physical therapy issue or occupational therapy issue relating to stroke, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, neurologic conditions or many others.
Whether you suffer from any repetitive upper or lower back and wrist injuries resulting from doing the same task for hours like.

  • Computer work
  • Writing (like this article) or assembly line work
  • Any sporting activities
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Fast pitch softball

You or someone you love might have pain. The good news? That pain can be quickly eliminated by a skilled Occupational Therapist (OT).
One of the things that set apart from other rehabilitation clinics is our highly skilled, compassionate staff. We provide comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology services. Our staff is specially trained to help patients recover as quickly as possible from a wide range of injuries or medical conditions.
The occupational therapist helps their patients to overcome physical, cognitive and psychosocial impairments. This will eventually improve the quality of life of these people. The occupational therapy is a process which helps them recover from any kind of health problems. Occupational therapists also help their patients to recover from mental problems affecting their day to day lives such as depression, anxiety and other complications in their lives.

Working Out with an Occupational Therapist

If you have an injury or illness that keeps you off work, a visit from an occupational therapist (OT) may be on your horizon. Whether your job involves lots of repetitive activities or you are highly active, there’s plenty that an OT can do to help you get back to work. Find out how physical and occupational therapists work alongside healthcare professionals to get you back to your job as soon as possible.
Most people have heard the term occupational therapist, but few know about the work they do. If you are looking for a career path that gives you the opportunity to help people on an individual level and really make a difference then occupational therapy may be for you.
Occupational therapy is often misunderstood because people see it as “work” but it’s actually the opposite. Occupational therapists assess, plan, and implement interventions to enable patients to achieve their maximum ability to function independently, at home, school or work. In a nutshell: Occupational therapists help people regain or retain occupation in life activities through therapies and assistance based on their problems and needs.

Occupational physical therapy is a very specialized branch of medicine.

Many Physical Therapy Center interns are sports therapists, orthopaedic doctors and occupational therapists. These individuals work under the guidance of a licensed physician who is a licensed physical therapist as well.
Occupational Physical Therapy helps to correct imbalances in the body that can lead to ailments such as an over active thyroid or an underactive brain. Essentially it helps the body stay in balance by using body systems and tissues that are normally operated on by doctors or medications.

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