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In the state of New Jersey, several physical therapies and rehab centers are available. Out of them all, Physical Therapy Teterboro is considered the sole provider of the best therapy facilities available today. Our team at Physical Therapy near Teterboro is completely dedicated to providing rehabilitation and recovery services to our patients and ensuring that our patients receive the best possible help in order to continue their lives in a healthy way. So, if you are a resident of the state of New Jersey and are looking for Physical Therapy or chiropractors near you, Best Physical Therapist Teterboro is the best option for you. We have multiple therapy programs, each dealing with a unique physical problem or disorder using the best techniques and medical practices known to us. The majority of the problems we deal with are concerned with the nervous system, muscular system or skeletal system. We have all the treatment services necessary to help our patients lead a better healthier life.
Frequently Seen Disorders
A number of patients report to Physical Therapist Teterboro every day, with various complaints about their bodies or mental health. The most often heard complaints are to do with Back Pain and balance trouble, Shoulder Pain and Ankle Pain or Hip Pain. These are typically caused due to over working muscles or strenuous exercising. Furthermore, there are a few more severe cases that we deal with too. These comprise of sprained or punctured muscles, torn ligaments or tendons, fractured or otherwise shattered bones and Pre / Post Surgery or amputation problems. Most people, when faced with a physical injury, consider the pain to be a package-deal and expect it to go away in a certain period of time without any special care or treatment. These injuries, if left to their own devices, could worsen over time, thus leading to lifelong painful conditions. To avoid this, it is important to consult a medical health professional or therapist about the best course to be taken for dealing with pain. If therapy is advised, it is in the best interest of the patient to undergo physical therapy, preferably from Physical Therapist near Teterboro.

Our Treatment Plans

In order to ensure our patients are provided the best therapy and rehab services, we have a special process when assigning treatment plans to our patients. First of all, the patient is diagnosed by a group of medical specialists, therapists and physicians. The patient’s previous medical history is also taken into account and a report is drawn up of the patient’s physical disorder and its probable causes and consequences. With the help of this report, a unique treatment plan is designed that focuses primarily on that patient’s particular requirements or needs. So, with this process, every patient is given a treatment plan that is best suited for their needs. During the designing and developing of these treatment plans and recovery programs, utmost priority is given to the fact that all the treatment procedures and methods are only the most up to date and effective practices currently used in physical therapy worldwide.
Our team at Physical Therapy Teterboro
At Physical Therapist near Teterboro, we have a carefully selected team of individuals who are highly skilled and qualified in their particular branch of practice. We have a team of medical specialists on hand, who analyze the patient’s progress and give advice on the future method to be approached for each patient. We also have a team of therapists and chiropractors, who are skilled in all branches of chiropractics. Apart from these two, we also have a highly trained and fully qualified team of personal trainers and instructors, whose primary objective is to monitor and supervise the patients during the physical therapy sessions.
Our therapy programs
There are different therapy programs and rehabilitation exercises offered at Physical Therapy near Teterboro. One of these is Paediatric or Children’s Physical Therapy. It refers to the physical treatments and exercises needed to ensure that kids grow up with sufficient strength in their muscles and bones. Another is Geriatric physical therapy, where older patients are taught back and knee exercises, how to adjust their gait and posture, and to alter their movements in order to compensate for weakened muscles.
Apart from these, we also offer Orthopedic Physical Therapy where damaged muscles due to previous or prolonged injuries are coaxed into mobility through special exercises. If the muscle has not been used for some time, it may even cause muscle atrophy, for which we offer special therapy to help bring back the former strength of the damaged muscles. In Vestibular physical therapy, we focus on the problems that arise due to hitches in the middle ear. This part of the body is responsible for balance, and problems in the middle ear can cause dizziness and loss of balance. Vestibular therapy entails making these muscles stronger through repeated exercises for better balance and increased steadiness. Multiple other therapy programs like neurological physical therapy, joint mobilization, shockwave therapy, therapeutic exercises etc. are also offered at Physical Therapist near Teterboro.

Our Goal Physical Therapist in Teterboro

Here at Physical Therapist in Teterboro, we are fully committed to ensuring our patients receive the best physical therapy and treatment that they need in order to live a successful life.


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