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Physical Therapy Rochelle Park is the sole provider of rehab and therapy services in New Jersey. We are committed to providing better healing and recovery options for our patients. If you happen to be living in the state of New Jersey and are looking for Physical Therapy near You and Physical Therapy near Rochelle Park is the ideal option for all your therapy related problems. A large number of patients dealing with a variety of different disorders are treated at our facilities regularly.
The majority of these problems are associated with the nervous, muscular or skeletal systems. Our treatments are fully capable of healing you from any injury or trauma, recovering your health and allowing you to return back to a healthy life. Here at Physical Therapist Rochelle Park, we deal with a large number of patients every day that are suffering from different kinds of physical issue related to their bodies. Typically, the most common complaints reported to us deal with Lower Back Pain and Headaches and sprained or pulled ankles, shoulder pains, broken bones, severe headaches etc. Additionally, the more severe cases comprise of misused or overworked muscles, strenuous exercises, damaged or punctured muscles, pulled or strained ligaments or tendons and stiff joints. It is typically observed that people ignore painful sensations due to injuries until the pain reaches an un-ignorable level. However, at this stage, it might be too late to recover from the problem. Therefore, it is advised to find out a medical health professional and consult them on the best course to take about your condition and whether you need to seek physical therapy immediately.
Since Physical Therapist Rochelle Park is dedicated to providing therapy and rehabilitation facilities to our patients, we have a unique way of designing our rehab and treatment plans. In the first stage, the patient is assessed by a team of physicians, medical experts and therapists who interview the patient about the type of pain they are suffering from as well as the degree of pain. Apart from this, the medical team also takes a look into the past medical conditions that the patient has suffered. Once a detailed report of the patient’s medical condition has been achieved, a treatment plan is designed using this information that pays particular attention to the patient’s health condition. Thus, through this process, every patient receives a specially customized therapy plan that is best suited to the patient’s requirements. While the treatment plan is being designed, particular care is taken in order to make sure that the treatment techniques being employed during individual therapy rochelle park are efficient and up to date.
Physical Therapy Rochelle Park NJ boasts a highly qualified and professional team of medical experts, Chiropractors and trainers. The medical team here at Physical Therapist near Rochelle Park is highly qualified to diagnose and analyze a patient’s medical condition and figure out the cause of their problem. In addition, physical therapy in rochelle park have chiropractors and therapists who specialize in therapy techniques like percussion therapy, flexion – distraction therapy, shockwave therapy etc. Apart from these, we have an assemblage of trainers that are fully competent to help the patients practice the training exercises and also monitor the patients during the treatment program. Our facilities also have a variety of equipment to help speed along the healing and recovery process.
At Physical Therapist Rochelle Park, a number of different rehab and therapy plans are made available to the people. Some of these are neurological physical therapy, Sports Physical Therapy and Pre / Post Surgical Physical Therapy and Children’s Physical Therapy and Percussion Therapy etc.
In orthopedic physical therapy, the problems arising from injuries or trauma due to accidents are primarily dealt with. These pertain to damaged bones, muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons. In the case that you have undergone severe muscle injuries because of some accident, you are liable to deal with lessened muscle strength, loss of mobility in some limbs and greatly limited range of motion. In order to help you recover from these physical conditions, our orthopedic physical therapy program will help you through a series of exercises and treatments that will allow your injury to heal properly and also giving you the time to recuperate and gain your lost strength. And therefore, achieve full mobility.
Our orthopedic physical therapy program is divided into different parts. Each part covers a particular step of the treatment and healing process. Like stretching exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, muscle massages, function mobility exercises along with plyometric exercises. These exercises are greatly effective in reducing knee pain, elbow pain, ankle pain, jaw pains, wrist pains and foot pains. To help assist you during these activities your therapist also has access to special training tools and equipment along with assistive devices like walkers and canes, various therapeutic modalities like ice / heat packs, soft tissue massage instruments and Acupuncture and Dry Needling.
In vestibular physical therapy treatment program, the problems arising due to issues in the middle ear are treated. As we all know, the middle part of the ear is basically responsible for our stability and balance. Any issues in the mid ear can lead to severe imbalance and dizziness. Thus it is important to seek vestibular diagnostics rochelle park nj in case of middle ear disorders. This new rochelle physical therapy will ensure that the patient’s body adjusts to the shift in equilibrium and is able to cope with a skewed sense of balance. Multiple balancing exercises and stability techniques are utilized during therapy.

Our Objective at Physical Therapist near Rochelle park

Our primary objective is to give patients the best practical therapy programs customized to individual needs with particular emphasis on the fact that through our commitment to excellence. Hence, Physical Therapist in Rochelle Park has all the necessary tools and services at its disposal to argue its position as one of the top therapies and rehab centres in New Jersey.


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