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Physical Therapy Near River Edge New Jersey

Physical Therapy River Edge has been widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments. We are committed to providing our patients with the best rehab and recovery facilities available in the world today. So, if you live in the state of New Jersey and are looking for physical therapists river edge nj or chiropractors near you, look no further than Physical Therapist River Edge. At our facility, we deal with patients suffering from all kinds of problems or disorders, ranging from neuromuscular disorders to musculoskeletal injuries. Physical Therapy Maywood have treatments for any type of painful trauma you may be dealing with and we offer a variety of healing exercises and activities to help you return to full health.
At Physical Therapy near River Edge, we receive a number of patients every day, with various complaints about their bodies. The most commonly occurring problems are to do with Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain relief river edge nj and Shoulder Pain relief river edge nj, painful or sprained ankles and regular Headaches river edge, among others. Additionally, the more severe cases include disastrously over worked or misused muscles, punctures muscles, pulled or otherwise damaged tendons and ligaments or stiff and sore joints. More often than not, people tend to ignore pain or discomfort from an injury for a while until the discomfort rises to an unavoidable level. However, hesitation on the patient’s part may end up aggravating the problem to an irreversible health complication. Therefore, it is best to consult a health specialist about growing pain in knee river edge nj in your body and seek physical therapy if the problem is increasing over time.
Here at Physical Therapist River Edge NJ, we have a carefully assembled team of medical experts, physical therapists and training personnel. Our medical team is more than capable of assessing the patient’s medical condition accurately and efficiently. We have chiropractors that are specialized in a number of therapy techniques like joint alignment, Acupuncture and Dry Needling and Postural Re – Education etc. We also have an assortment of special equipment at our patient’s disposal that helps speed up the healing process and ensures they recover their strength in the meantime.
In order to provide the best therapy and rehab services to our patients, Physical Therapist near River Edge has a special unique way of assigning treatment plans. First of all, the patient is diagnosed and a team of medical specialists, therapists and physicians overlook their past and current medical records. Once a satisfactory report of the patient’s health condition has been drawn up, this information is used to design and develop a treatment plan that focuses primarily on that patient’s particular health issue. In this way, the patients are treated using therapy programs that are specifically tailored to the patients’ needs.
During the design process, special care is taken to ensure that only the most effective and up to date treatment techniques are employed during therapy.
A variety of different rehabilitation and therapy plans are offered at Physical Therapy River Edge NJ

  • Children’s Physical TherapyIn children’s physical therapy, also known as pediatric physical therapy, the prime focus is given to the issues that growing children may face while their bodies shift towards maturity. Sometimes kids have problems adjusting to changes to their skeletal or muscular system. To help them, our children’s therapy program allows them to work with instructors or supervisors on how to get used to their new and updated body and gain the muscle strength required to function adequately in their bodies.
  • Geriatric physical therapyIn geriatric physical therapy, most problems related to older patients are dealt with. After a certain age, people tend to get weaker muscles and bones that are prone to injury and highly susceptible to medical conditions. In our geriatric physical therapy program, these elderly patients are educated on how to adjust to their weakened physical state with the help of exercises, physical training, and educational equipment. They are carefully supervised in order to ensure they do not aggravate their injuries further and are helped to accept these unavoidable problems in an agreeable manner. This program also helps in postural re-education, helps them correct their posture to one that is less prone to damage and adjust their gait to cope with an overall weakened body.
  • Neurological physical therapy
  • Vestibular physical therapy
  • Sports physical therapy
  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Pre / Post Surgical Physical TherapyIn pre / post surgical rehabilitation, all problems related to pre – surgery or post – surgery circumstances are dealt with. Sometimes, patients are required to practice certain exercises before major surgery or just to ensure they do not lose considerable strength during the surgery process. Other times, after a surgery has been completed, patients may need special attention in order to regain strength or feeling in their limbs. During the post – surgery period, patients are liable to lose control over their body parts or be greatly weakened in terms of muscle strength. To help them with these issues, our pre / post surgical therapy programs will allow patients to receive professional help in how to deal with these unfavorable circumstances. They are helped to regain fitness and recover from the condition.

Our Purpose at Physical Therapist near River Edge

In conclusion, Physical Therapist in River Edge has all the necessary tmj treatment river edge plans and therapy programs that are required by people in this day and age. Whether you are looking for a chiropractor to help deal with a long term joint problem, or need a physical therapist for some post – surgery rehabilitation, we have all the facilities and services you may need and are committed to helping you lead a healthier life.


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