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Physical Therapy Bogota NJ is considered one of the leading therapy and rehabilitation service providers in the state of New Jersey. This is because, at Physical Therapy Maywood we strive to deliver the best treatment plans and therapy programs to ensure our patients recover successfully form their ailments in record time. So, if you are seeking a therapy and rehab center near you, look no further than us. The majority of our therapy programs deal with disorders of the nervous, skeletal or muscular systems. We have all the necessary treatment methods at our disposal in order to ensure that our patient receives the best therapy.
Common Physical Disorders
Here at Physical Therapist Bogota, we receive plenty of patients each day, each reporting a different complaint or problem. The most common and widely occurring disorders we deal with comprise of backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain and stiff joints, painful hips and ankles. The majority of these are caused due to bad posture for prolonged periods of time. Moreover, the more serious problems include damaged or punctured muscle tissues, swollen or stiff joints, sore muscles and strained ligaments or tendons. Typically, when a patient receives an injury, they accept the pain and agony as an unavoidable evil and expect it to go away with time. However, in these cases, it is more likely than not that the situation will worsen as time passes by. Therefore, it is important to seek a professional opinion about your medical condition and whether you need to contact a therapist and how long you should stay in physical therapy.

Our Treatment Plans

Physical Therapist near Bogota is committed to providing our patients with the best rehab and therapy services accessible. We have a careful process where we figure out the best treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs. First of all, the patient is diagnosed by a special team of medical experts, physicians and therapists who review their past as well as current medical records and draw up the patient’s report. This report is then assessed and used to develop a treatment plan that is best suited to the patient’s needs. Thus, in this way, the patient is given a highly customized treatment plan that focuses primarily on the patient’s particular health problem and works to fix it. During the designing and development of this plan, special care is taken to make sure that only the best therapeutic methods and procedures are utilized during the treatment program.
Team of Experts
At Physical Therapist near Bogota we have an expert team of individuals who are skilled in all areas of knowledge regarding physical therapy and treatment. Firstly, we have a highly qualified medical team comprising of physicians, doctors, health experts and therapists who analyze the patient’s condition and develop a respective treatment plan accordingly. In addition, we also have a team of physical therapy experts, chiropractors and masseuses, whose primary goal is to assist the patient’s during the treatment exercises, and help coach and monitor them during the recovery process. They are specialized in all areas of physical therapy like Percussion Therapy and Flexion – Distraction and Shockwave Treatment etc. Lastly, but not least, we have a decidedly skilled set of training personnel and coaches, who supervise the physical treatment processes and help those patients in need of special equipment during their therapy.
Therapy Services
Physical Therapy near Bogota has a number of facilities providing therapy programs, some of which are neurological physical therapy, vestibular physical therapy, sports physical therapy, joints physical therapy and many more. In temporomandibular physical therapy, problems and disorders related to the temporomandibular joint are treated. This is the joint at the juncture of our jaw with our skull. In case this is damaged or injured, it causes a localized pain syndrome called a temporomandibular joint disorder. Possible causes of TMJ syndrome include injury to the jaw or teeth, misaligned teeth or jaw, poor posture, stress, excessive teeth grinding or gum chewing. The symptoms of TMJ syndrome are sharp jaw pains, clicking and popping of the jaw, earaches, excessive popping sounds in ear and stiff or sore jaw muscles. The first way to treat this disorder is through home remedies like ice packs / heat packs, over the counter anti – inflammatory drugs, gentle massages to the jaw, stress reduction and careful stretching of the jaw and mouth. However, in case the problem persists, our physical therapy program can help provide special care and professional help to allow the jaw to obtain increased mobility while also reducing the pain to a smaller level.


In shockwave therapy, acoustic waves are used to carry high energy to painful or agonizing spots inside the body, especially the myoskeletal tissues. Typically, this treatment is employed in cases of chronic or high level pain. It has proved quite effective in elevating pain and eliminating the causes of the problem.
We also have Acupuncture and Dry Needling Therapy. This is a very popular therapy procedure in Asian countries like China etc. but has become a worldwide accepted practice that helps reduce muscle strain and overall relieve stress from the body. For this program, we have a team of specialized acupuncturists that provide the best treatment and take great care of our patients. Dry needling is also a therapy practice to relieve stress and strain by applying small, sharp pressure pulses at particular pressure points inside the body. These methods are widely popular nowadays and have proved to be very effective.

Undertaking physical therapist in Bogota

In a nutshell, here at Physical Therapist near Lodi, we are striving to deliver the best rehab therapy and treatment services that our patients require. Our attention to personal care and dedication to perfection has made us widely renowned as the pioneer therapy provider in New Jersey.


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