Many times conditions of the pelvic floor are taken care of without any surgery. However, if a need arises for a visit to a physical therapist and is a recommendation from your doctor, you should not in any condition ignore it.

A physical therapist (PT) in the field of pelvic floor therapy is a trained specialist who will help you in understanding your symptoms and issues regarding the same. The therapist will help you in carving out a specialized program and routine which will help in reducing any kind of pain or discomfort that is being caused because of this issue. These programs will help in training and strengthening of muscles once again.

Some of the major conditions that are treated by a Physical Therapist are:

    • Bladder and Bowel issues
    • Prolapse
    • Inability to have penetrative sex or painful penetration
    • Pregnancy or postpartum recovery
    • Incontinence

The duration of the Pelvic Floor therapy can range from a week to length of time. People who will need therapy for minor issues may need to spend lesser time as compared to people who are suffering from major conditions.

Physical Therapy near Rochelle Park may be a case where you are suffering from multiple conditions, and then in that case you might need to consult different specialists. You may ask your principal Physical Therapist to get you in consultation with a few other specialized therapists for the above-mentioned situation. However, your primary Obgyn can get you in contact with a specialized physical therapist. It is also important to note that pelvic floor physical therapies are costlier depending upon the area where you reside. It is better to contact a few hospitals/ clinic individually and gather information beforehand to prepare the budget for the entire course.

For your first session, you may expect a general interaction with your physical therapist. The therapists are well aware that the issues of Pelvic floor are very intimate and personal. They may make you sit in different positions and examine your back, hips, and waist areas. During this examination, they will keep you informed with every step and help you be comfortable in the given are and the environment.

For the last part of the assessment, your Physical Therapist may need to conduct an internal examination of your pelvic area. Generally, in the case of female patients, it is done through the vagina, and in the case of male patients, it is done rectally. The therapist or the doctor will use a sensor, which will be inserted to an extent, this sensor does not do anything to your skin, it will just measure the electric currents through the muscles and give the result regarding the issue. It is the biofeedback report that marks the completion of the pelvic examination.

  • For female patients, if you are on your periods, you can simply call up your therapist and get details regarding the time and schedule of internal examination. In the case of Pelvic Floor therapies, therapists are very sensitive and understanding, so you should not worry much regarding this.

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