Best cancer charity to donate to: Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute funds research on immunotherapy treatment for all types of cancer. Its programs include training for emerging cancer researchers, clinical research, and public education initiatives. The organization puts 88 cents out of every dollar donated toward its programs.

Cancer Research Institute
Wounded Warrior Project

Best veterans charity to donate to: Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is well known to support veterans in need. Since its inception in 2003, the organization has dedicated its resources to providing extensive care and services to men and women who have been injured while serving their country. From mental health services to independence and career services, the organization has helped countless veterans get back on their feet.

Best disaster relief charity to donate to: American Red Cross

For over 100 years, the American Red Cross has served an important role in helping Americans after major disasters. During times of crisis and especially in the aftermath of natural disasters, the American Red Cross has provided shelter, food, water, and basic needs for victims. It’s through their dedication that people impacted by disasters can begin to recover and move forward from such events.

American Red Cross
Alzheimer's Association

Best Alzheimer’s charity to donate to: The Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association aims to fight and cure Alzheimer’s disease from all sides. Donations fund Alzheimer’s research and clinical trials and help connect individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s to care in their communities. The organization also advocates for Alzheimer’s research nationally and at the state level.

Best Environmental charity to donate to: Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Conservancy has dedicated its mission to protecting our oceans from the greatest challenges that face it today. From engaging in important political discussions and changes to working towards a trash-free ocean, the organization is at the forefront of protecting the health and safety of our oceans.

Leukemia Lymphoma

Best leukemia & lymphoma charity to donate to: Leukemia and  Lymphoma Society

Finding a cure for blood cancer is just as important to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as supporting those already diagnosed with cancer. This 501(c)(3) has invested close to $1.3 billion in research for clinical trials, and it also supports those already diagnosed with cancer through financial assistance, support groups, and access to live information specialists on their website.

Best children’s charity to donate to: Save the Children

Save the Children has existed for over 100 years and has served as advocates for children all around the world. The organization is a leader in providing programs that provide healthcare, education, and even protection for children across the world. The humanitarian work they do to provide aid to children and their families fleeing high-conflict countries is among the most valuable services Save the Children provides but is only one piece of key help they provide.

Save the children
Cancer free kids

Best childhood cancer charity: CancerFree Kids Pediatric Cancer Research Alliance

CancerFree Kids is an organization dedicated to funding new treatments for pediatric cancers. Unfortunately, pediatric cancer has a long history of being grossly underfunded, which leaves children and their families with limited options or even unsafe treatments for cancer. Through funding from organizations like CancerFree Kids, pediatric cancer research can get the much funding and attention it deserves. Most importantly, children affected by cancer can get the treatment and care they need to live cancer-free.

Best animal charity to donate to: ASPCA

With a history dating back to 1866, The ASPCA has been caring for animals both large and small, wild and domesticated. Your donations help animals find shelter, urgent care, and forever homes. The organization also focuses on promoting bonds between animals and humans.


Best humanitarian medical care charity: Doctors Without Borders

As an international organization, Doctors Without Borders provides medical humanitarian assistance to people with inadequate care. The organization seeks to provide maternal healthcare, malnutrition assistance, disease treatment and prevention, as well as eradication of certain diseases. Through the important work they do people in impoverished regions across the world can get the healthcare they need to live and thrive.